The post festive season traditionally sees a massive increase in fitness and gym memberships amongst British consumers and there is potentially a huge opportunity for companies within this sector to grow in 2022 with hybrid style memberships.  The Insert Company can help you get your messages to your customers in a trusted, targeted and high impact way and help you reach customers who are much more likely to join gyms and take up blended memberships than the general population.

Successful gym and fitness operators will be those who target their marketing engagement to reach customers who want to get out and get fit while acknowledging that consumer behaviour and technology will be driving the fitness industry at the start of 2022.

The Insert Company can help identify channels and areas of the country where customers who will be more likely to join a gym or fitness club with an emphasis on sustainable fitness to meet consumer demand.  People who act on inserts join for differing reasons – whether it’s to get fit, lose weight, connects socially, reduce stress and improve wellbeing – with over 74% of UK adults agreeing it is important to exercise to stay healthy.

We can work with you to research and plan a detailed campaign using national, regional and local newspapers to reach audiences cost effectively and help meet your business objectives.  We can offer full service printing of inserts and complete management of your campaign.   Many of the UK’s leading brands trust us to deliver messages through our market leading insert portfolio.

Those who act on inserts are:

143% are more likely to pay for online fitness classes

28% more likely to be trying to lose weight than the average GB

Likely to undertake commercial actions surrounding Motivation such as improve fitness (55%), lose weight (45.4%) and relieve stress and improve wellbeing (40.6%)

107% more likely to go to a private gym or health club

prime gym and health club consumers, have a high degree of membership as well as active usage

Source: TGI August 2021

Contact us today to get your tailored messages in front of your customers at this crucial time when people are considering joining a gym or fitness club be it by taking up digital fitness offerings or through more traditional forms.