With Black November in full swing, many consumers are excited about the deals that are currently available on the High Street.  Last year, 37% of adults that acted on inserts purchased goods (twice the GB average).  For Cyber Monday, one in five consumers who acted on inserts made a purchase (two and half times the GB average).  Whilst it’s too late for Retailers to influence consumers of inserts for November events, the same cannot be said for Christmas as 16% of our consumers will not start to buy Christmas present until the beginning of December (GB Index 111).

The consensus of opinion is that consumers will go large on Christmas this year, no wonder almost half of New Year resolutions will be to exercise more and eat healthier.  Over half of consumers who act on inserts are trying to lose weight most of the time (GB Index 131). Going Vegan in January might be the answer to almost a quarter of adults who act on inserts prefer vegan food and drink – over twice the GB average (Index 214).

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Source: GB TGI 2021 October (September 2020 – August 2020) – Kantar.