The i launched in 2010 and has continued to be one of the most successful newspapers since its arrival.

Edited by Olly Duff, i is the essential daily briefing for its free thinking audiences giving them everything that they need to know about the things that matter. The i readers trust the paper’s quality impartial journalism and enjoy editorially led features on Business, Arts, Travel, Health and more. The paper has won many awards and was the winner of “Newspaper of the Year” in 2020.

Factbox -18-44 year olds spend an average of 41 minutes reading i per day – more than any other daily newspaper – with a circulation of 148,000 and weekly readership of 385,000.

The i readers are eco conscious, interested in arts, culture and theatre and receptive to new ideas.  With an audience that is 45% female, 79% ABC1, 79% are homeowners and with over 87% of readers based outside London, The i offers advertisers a unique audience for your next insert campaign.

Now part of the DMG stable, The i is a hugely popular title for advertisers placing inserts.  The Insert Company is able to help you plan your campaign and offers both regional options and Monday-Friday weekday and bumper weekend editions too.

There are very few opportunities for inserts in The i remaining for 2021 and options and bookings for 2022 are rapidly being optioned and booked by advertisers.  To discuss your requirements and schedule options for The i, please contact your representative at The Insert Company.

Sources:  Pamco Q2 2020, ABC Q1 2020.



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