What a difference a year makes.  As the UK Government reduces the restrictions on travel requirements, testing and quarantine as well as massively increasing the number of destinations including favourites such as the US, Turkey and Egypt being available for UK holidaymakers, planning for a successful 2022 holiday season is a key priority for the UK travel industry now. 

The Insert Company is ideally placed to help you get you messages to your customers in an effective and targeted way and can help you reach customers who are planning to travel in 2022 and spend more than the average person on travel – whether it’s those planning short breaks, cruises, tours, escorted holidays, adventure holidays, school holiday break or those just seeing two weeks in the sun.


Companies from across the travel industry such as Norwegian Airlines, Saga, Tui, Bourne Leisure and Cosmos are all reporting advance bookings for 2022  ahead of those for both 2020 and 2021 at the same point in the year.

Financial Times – 12 Aug, 31 Aug 31 and 22 Sept. 

Those who act on Inserts

Holiday Planning

Consumers who act on inserts are almost double the GB average (Index 190) to be looking to book a holiday in the next three months. Also, in the next three years, consumers are looking further afield to outside the UK & Europe (Index 241) and to Europe (Index 255).

Types of Holidays

There are strong metrics which suggest all types of holidays will be taken in 2022:

• Escorted Tours (Index 739)
• Golf holidays (Index 618)
• Disneyworld Florida (Index 620)
• Skiing / Wintersports (Index 599)
• Sea cruise (Index 337)


From All-inclusive hotels (Index 235) to Time Shares (Index 637), all types of accommodation are embraced by consumers who act on inserts.

Standout Companies

The key companies who are securing bookings both online and via a travel agent are:

• Holiday Hypermarket (Index 1283)
• Housetrip (Index 1250)
• STA Travel (Index 1478)
• (Index 1106)

Holiday Expenditure

Consumers who act on inserts are spending from £1750 on a holiday which is double the GB average.

Key Modes of Transport Used

• Flying is common for leisure (Index 189)
• Travel by Eurostar is four times more likely
• Major hotel chains are often used
• Using Regional Airports is popular, from Aberdeen (Index 686) down to Manchester (150)

Source: TGI, September 2021

Successful tour operators and travel companies in 2022 will be those who target their marketing engagement to reach customers with savings and at a time when there’s a rapid increase in demand for planning holidays.  Key booking periods for summer holidays traditionally peak in the first quarter of the year.

The Insert Company can help identify different avenues and key geographical locations of the country where customers will be planning holidays in 2022.  We can provide evidenced based TGI data bespoke to your target audience/s to offer a package of NewsBrands which reaches the right customers effectively.  Of those who act on inserts, a massive 39% of consumers are planning to book a holiday in the next 3 months – that’s almost double the UK average. Those who act on inserts are more likely than the average consumer to be planning a trip in the UK or further afield – with European destinations being the firm favourite.  Similarly, customers like virtually every type of holiday but skiing, escorted tours, golf holidays cruises and Disneyland all being the preferred choices.

As we emerge from lockdown and travel restrictions are relaxed (and further relaxations of rules predicted), The Insert Company is seeing a significant uplift in planned activity by travel customers in the build up to key booking periods for 2022. 

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