By Alex Chapman

Primary Times Magazine – A truly National opportunity with a niche target audience

Primary Times Magazine is the UK’s leading FREE ‘what’s on and where to go’ publication for families and schools with children aged 4 to 11. Established in 1989, it reaches over 7.8 million people per issue; over 10% of the entire UK population. Although the number seems high, it is extremely targeted due to the niche distribution model. With the magazine being hand inserted into children’s book bags, its final destination is the home, most crucially, landing directly in the hands of parents and guardians.

Audience is key when it comes to achieving the best results for clients, so let’s take a look at some of the facts;

  • Children are precious individuals, who demand to be entertained!
  • Parents’ top priorities for their children growing up are; Happiness, Health & Wellbeing, Safety, Love, Education and Learning & Confidence
  • Primary Times provides two core content strands based on both information (activities, recipes, tips) & gratification (vouchers, competitions).
  • Both the content and material benefit to the reader are key

So make your message resonate…

primary times audience stats

with consumers with the means to act…

Reach a very active audience

  • Families love; Cooking, Eating out, Pets and animals, Kids shopping, Toys and games, Courses, Gaming, Reading, Birthday parties & Holiday camps.
  • 5% have visited a Zoo or Safari park in the last 12 months (index 198)
  • 3% have visited a theme park in the last 12 months (index 238)
  • 5% have visited a London attraction like the London Eye in the last 12 months (index 118)
  • 7% stayed at a Holiday camp like Haven, Park Resorts or Euro camp in the last 12 months (index 214)
  • 8% have taken a holiday at a beach resort in the last 12 months (index 132)
  • 3% have a family pet (index 125) and 22.8% have pet insurance (index 125)

and plan with a deep understanding of audience mindset and how this drives action…

  • 2% agree that ‘My family is more important to me than my career’ (Index 121)
  • 1% agree that ‘Children should be allowed to express themselves freely’ (Index 130)
  • 6% agree that ‘I often worry about failing my children’ (Index 222)
  • 7% agree that ‘I find it difficult to balance work, children and social life’ (Index 201)
  • 4% agree that ‘I find it difficult to say no to my kids’ (Index 162)

In addition, get multi-platform access to your audience …

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