Perhaps unsurprisingly when faced with short, dark days, blue Monday, the pressure of new year’s resolutions and the slump after the Christmas break, January sees the highest search numbers online for ‘Cruises’ as people begin dreaming of their next escape, and this year looks unlikely to be an exception.
According to recent research by Mail Metro Media undertaken in December, despite the challenges and uncertainties faced over the past 9 months, over 50% of their readers were still planning to have at least 1 holiday in 2021 with 1 in 3 being open to taking a cruise in 2021 and another 1 in 3 thinking about a Cruise over the next couple of years.



When asked what month they are likely to book a cruise, the vast majority said by June, with a peak in forecast for March this year. With the bulk of cruises booked for between July and October, now really is the time to reach your audience and let them know what is on offer!
Although 1 in 4 readers associate cruises with being “too risky at the moment”, it appears that the status of the COVID-19 vaccine is having a positive impact on the likelihood to book and is bringing much needed reassurance to keen travellers. 71% of those surveyed agreed that cruise companies should be running relevant messaging around Coronavirus, namely to define refund and cancellation policies in place, and to help customers travel safely.



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SOURCE: 400 participants completed a short online survey offering their views on cruises in 2021.
Fieldwork was conducted in December 2020 among members of the Mail’s ‘Matters’ research community. Data is weighted to be broadly representative of MMM monthly audience.