By Natalie King

I started my media carer 18 years ago working as a sales rep for a regional newspaper, my role was originally as a motors rep but I soon got promoted and was the solus rep for a paper called the Villager, which got distributed across 10 very affluent areas such as Virginia Water / Sunnighill / Sunningdale.

The thing I loved most about my job was getting to know the villages and the local independent businesses that made up the community. I loved coming up with ideas that created relevant platforms for businesses to promote what they did best.

I would often find really unique shops on my adventures & really enjoyed speaking to the business owners who were so knowledgeable & passionate about the business they had created. I even wrote an article or two (although often heavily subbed by the journalist).

One of the positive things for me over these past 9 months and through the now 3 lockdowns, has been rediscovering my local area, and It seems I wasn’t the only one with 3 in 5 consumers choosing to shop locally and support local businesses during lockdown. Sometimes the highlight of my day was getting out of my flat and queuing at my local butchers and actually having real interaction with a human being!

According to retail voice, shoppers will favour local stores as life gets back on track. You Gov stats show that 64% of people want to support local businesses and buy local product and boy do they need the support after what has been a very challenging year for us all.

As well as regional press being a great route to market for local businesses, Inserts & Door Drop are another very cost effective and targeted way to raise awareness and drive response from the local community who according to You Gov, are ready to support & spend.

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